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Self-Tanner Secrets

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Dedicated to protecting your sun from UV radiation, but still want a beautiful bronze glow to go with your summer whites and brights? Self-tanner is your secret weapon!

If the thought of using a self-tanner has you cringing (maybe you were once left with the all-too-common tiger stripes after a splotchy application?), then it’s time to put on a brave face and try again! The right product applied correctly can create gorgeous, natural-looking color, with absolutely no damage to your skin. Here are our tips for getting a beautiful self-tanner glow, minus the jungle stripes.

Take It For A Test Drive

We’ve all been guilty of prioritizing fast results over taking the time to do some important preparations. But when it comes to skipping a spot test with your new self-tanner, you’re taking the chance that you might be covered in a nuclear orange glow that takes days to scrub off! Don’t risk it – especially if you are self-tanning for an important event. Simply apply a small amount of the self-tanner to an easily concealed part of your body, then wait and evaluate the results after a day or two. Like what you see? Then you’ve got the go-ahead to go for it!

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Remember those old tiger stripes? The culprit could have been dry skin. Self-tanner is meant to be applied to moisturized skin, and dry spots can cause an uneven application and a splotchy look. Make sure you have been regularly moisturizing after bathing, and several days before you plan to apply your tanner, exfoliate your body with a gentle scrub or an exfoliating body wash. Repeat the exfoliation immediately before you apply the tanner, but make sure you wait until your skin is completely dry. Just like dry skin, wet skin can cause an uneven application.

Put It On Quickly and Completely

Make sure you’re ready for action once you start applying your self-tanner: you need to move fast and with purpose! Moving too slowly or failing to apply evenly can cause an application that looks heavy handed in some areas and too light in others. As you’re applying the tanner, concentrate on using enough product for the entire body part that you’re working on. Long, even strokes moving downward will ensure that coverage is complete.

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