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Bikini Ready Body!

The days are getting longer and warmer, and you know what that means: it’s almost bikini season! Is your skin ready to be shown off? Keeping your skin beautiful skin is so much more than just treating your face. Stop on by for one of our amazing body treatments, and get skin that you can’t [...]

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Spa Week 2013

  Happy Spa Week, everyone! All week long you can come visit us for amazing $50 spa treatments. We’re offering the following treatments with select stylists: Restore My Glow Facial (45 mins) Swedish Massage with Eucalyptus Steam Shower (50 mins) Deep Conditioning Kérastase treatment with Haircut & Style Call us now to book your Spa [...]

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Flawless Skin That Will Fool Everyone

  Out of all the beauty tricks we love, we think our favorite is the trick of glowing, flawless skin. Your skin quality and tone is often the first thing that people notice, so it’s important to find a good daily routine to take care of it and keep it looking beautiful. You know the [...]

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