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Tough as Nails

Playing hard can take a toll on your manicure. In addition to the added hazards of summer activities, chlorine and salt can actually weaken your nails. Read on for a few ways to protect your manicure this summer: Give It A Grace Period  Even though you may leave the salon with what seems like a [...]

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Air Conditioner Assault

  If you work in an air-conditioned building all summer, it’s possible you may have noticed a change in your skin. Air conditioning can take the glow out of your sensitive skin by reducing its natural humidity, so try these strategies to keep it moisturized and beautiful. Take Your Vitamin C Folk wisdom basically treats [...]

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Lip Love

Our lips are just as susceptible to the elements as our skin and hair. Here are some easy ways to keep your lips lovely during the hot summer months. Use SPF You already know that you should be protecting your skin from the sun, but do you take the time to protect your lips as [...]

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