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Eyebrow Extravaganza



Everywhere we look, we’re seeing gorgeous natural brows. All signs point to this being a trend for summer – here are some of our favorite ways to get brows bold and beautiful this season.

Use Powder, Not Pencils.

We all have that trusty eyebrow pencil stashed away in the bathroom cupboard or makeup bag. A brow pencil has been the de-facto method of brow tinting for generations, but today’s bold brow calls for a lighter touch. Eyebrow powders create a much more natural appearance, as the pigment is applied along the natural feathering of the brows instead of a super-defined line. Don’t be afraid to try a shade darker than your natural color. As long as it is applied correctly, a darker brow can create a gorgeous and dramatic look.

Blend Into Brows, Not Skin.

Applying brow powder to the skin is a common mistake when it comes to creating bold brows. Instead of pressing so hard that your pigment adheres to your skin, use your brush to gently apply color to your brow hairs, always following the direction of the hair’s growth. And remember to apply the color slowly, gradually, and with a light touch. You can always put more on, but if you apply too much, you’ll have to wash it off and start all over again!

Go Custom, Not Cookie-Cutter.

While the amount of cosmetic shades for eyes and lips surely number in the thousands, when it comes to eyebrow pigments, the choices are much slimmer. Often, using two different tones is the best way to get the hue you want, and a blended shade will look more natural than one color alone. Once you’ve found your perfect combo, apply the darker tone to the center of your brows in a thin line. Then blend the lighter shade moving from the middle of brows out to the ends.

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