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Common Summer Beauty Headaches


Tan lines, frizz, and perspiration, oh my! We might wait all year long to take advantage of summer fun, but this warm, humid season comes with a specific set of beauty bummers. Here are some of the most common summertime beauty headaches, and how you can take care of them.

Fight The Frizz

Anyone who has lived through a Texas summer has experienced the amazing growing hairdo. Summertime humidity can cause even the sleekest style to morph into a fuzzy, frizzy monster. You could consign yourself to ponytails or try to embrace your newfound bouffant, or you can fight back and try to tame the beast. We’ve found that the best way to combat frizz is with a great product. We love Kérastase Fibre Architecte, an amazingly reparative serum that seals and smoothes hair, fighting frizz from the inside out. Any frizz fighting product will be most effective when it is applied to wet hair. And once your hair has dried, keep your hands off of it. Excessive disruption will feed the frizz.

Tackle Tan Lines

Even if you used to wear tan lines like a badge of honor back in your high school sunbathing glory days, chances are that these days you’d prefer to avoid the crisscrossing stripes and bold bikini strap lines – especially if you have an event coming up! If you find yourself with some unsightly lines, there’s no need to worry; simply use a sunless tanner to camouflage your un-tanned skin! You can read our tips for a beautiful sunless tanner application here.

Persevere Over Perspiration 

Even when you know that sweating is the body’s healthy way of cooling itself down, it’s hard to accept a shiny, sweaty face when you’re trying to look fresh and lovely. The best way to avoid a makeup meltdown in the summer is to lighten up on your skin products. Choose products that are oil-free, go on matte, or are labeled “anti-shine”. Keep a packet of blotting papers and facial wipes in your purse so you’ll be able to freshen up in a hurry. And remember: a little bit of dewiness on the face looks beautiful and healthy, especially in the summertime. So don’t sweat a little sweat!

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