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Calling All Curly Girls!

Everyone who is blessed with curly hair knows that it requires its very own special routine, which includes one very important element: moisture! Especially if you’re still dealing with some fallout from the dry summer heat, your curly hair is more prone to getting dried out. Here are some ways to keep those curls looking [...]

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Healthy Scalp RX

All sorts of things can take a toll on the health of your scalp: too much sun, irritating products, even washing your hair too often. This stress often results in some undesirable results: dry skin, dandruff, and even an allergic reaction. But with a little know-how, it’s possible to keep your scalp healthy and your [...]

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Back to School Beauty

Whether you’re shuffling your kids to a brand new school year or you’re back to campus yourself, going back to school is always a big transition for everyone. It’s likely that you’ve been facing some hectic mornings, so here are our favorite tips for getting yourself together in a hurry. Focus On One Feature Our [...]

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