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Relax, Refresh, and Renew – For Men!

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

There are so many services at Spa At The Lake that men can enjoy, whether they want to come in with their partner or by themselves. The reasons to enjoy spa services are endless: they’re relaxing, they benefit the body, and they provide spa customers with some much needed time to take care of themselves – instead of worrying about everyone else, as usual! These benefits are just as meaningful for men as they for women. From massages to facials, these are some of our services that are popular with men:


The benefits of massages for men are huge, especially for those that are very active or have a job that is physically demanding. Because massage improves flexibility, blood circulation, and muscle elasticity, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing athletic performance. It also improves recovery time and decreases the risk of injury. And if you have a desk job, massage is just as important. Sitting for most of the workday can cause bad circulation and intense muscle tightness. Massage can relieve that tension.


While men may not have quite the level of devotion to skin care that women are known for, men can also benefit from having facials. In fact, many men have more stress to their facial skin than women because of one big reason: shaving. Razor burn can be a painful side effect of daily shaving, but getting a facial can soothe this irritation and leave skin feeling healthy and fresh.


Maybe you don’t care about having pretty toenails, but you can still benefit from a pedicure. Many men are surprised to learn that part of the pedicure service is a soothing foot massage, which increases circulation and improves the health of muscles and joints in the feet. Pedicures can also help keep toenails and cuticles healthy, which can help ward off issues later. And athletic men have a special reason to get pedicures: putting strain on your feet can cause callousness, which can change your stride and result in unhealthy pressure to your hips and knees. Pedicures help remove callouses, allowing feet to return to their natural stride.

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