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Calling All Curly Girls!


Everyone who is blessed with curly hair knows that it requires its very own special routine, which includes one very important element: moisture! Especially if you’re still dealing with some fallout from the dry summer heat, your curly hair is more prone to getting dried out. Here are some ways to keep those curls looking luscious.

Turn Down The Heat

The best thing about having curls  is that you are blessed with a head of naturally beautiful hair – no need to turn to curling irons to create those luscious spirals! However, many women with curly hair still use blowdryers and straighteners to achieve the hairstyle they want. If you have curly hair and regularly use heat-styling, beware: excessive exposure to heat can change the proteins in your hair that give you that beautiful spiral, and your curls can start to droop. If you’ve been noticing that your hair is looking limp and lifeless, swear off heat-styling for a while, and treat your hair to an intense conditioning mask to revive your ailing locks.

Use The Right Tools

If you’ve been using a terry cloth towel, a bristled brush, and a traditional hair dryer, it’s time to throw them all away! Curly hair requires a more tailored set of tools. Instead of drying hair with that terry cloth towel, use a micro-fiber cloth that won’t rob your hair of moisture like terry cloth. If you don’t want to splurge for a special towel for your hair, just use a soft clean tee shirt. Next trade your bristled brush, which can disturb the natural formation of your hair and cause frizz, for a wide-toothed pick for working through any tangles. Finally, add a diffuser to your blow-drying routine or just let your hair air dry, usually the best method for drying curly hair.

Moisturize, Condition, Repeat

The number one thing that curly hair needs to stay beautiful is plenty of moisture. Curly hair is usually very porous, so moisture tends to move in and out of the hair easily. To fight against this water loss, use a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week, and more often if your hair doesn’t respond. Make sure to use products that are specially formulated to be moisturizing, and treat your hair to nourishing hair masques and special salon treatments, like our Kérastase Hair Conditioning Treatments.

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