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Fall 2013 Beauty Transitions


The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and maybe you’ve even broken out a sweater or two. There is no denying that the season’s are changing, which means this is a great time to start thinking of how to incorporate the colors of Fall 2013 into your beauty routine. These are our favorite shades that are slated to be on-trend for fall, and are guaranteed to help you feel beautiful no matter the weather.


Even though we’re still waiting for the leaves to change to orange and red, incorporating this autumnal classic into your beauty palette is a gorgeous look for fall. Crimson and cranberry on the lips is always a safe bet, but you can also use red on the eyes and cheeks. Try experimenting with a rust hued shadow, or take a chance with a reddish copper. Remember, the idea is to look sultry, not scary: when you apply red on the eyes, start by just applying a small amount to the center of the eyelids, and also make sure to blend!

Earth Tones

There’s nothing new about wearing earth tones in the fall; the spirit of the harvest and dramatic changing seasons just begs for some earth-based beauty. But this season, expect to see earth tones with a twist: warm golds are glammed up with dramatic textural glitters, ordinary browns are transformed into luxe bronzes, and orange becomes more wearable than ever, especially on the eyes and lips.

Dark Shades

The new neutrals for this season are taking a distinct turn away from the pale pastels and whites of this spring and summer. Think dark, dark, dark for the staples this season: deep navy blue on the nails, wine-soaked burgundy on the lips, and strikingly intense purplish brown on the eyes. Since we’re still experiencing some hot and bright weather, these moodier shades are great to try for a night out on the town.

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