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Keeping Hair Safe During Swimming

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Getting in the water is about the only way to stay sane during the long hot Texas summer, but the combination of wind, water, and sun can be super hard on your hair. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your mane while you’re on the lake or hanging poolside.

Protecting Hair At The Pool

The chlorine in pools is notoriously damaging and drying, both to the skin and the hair. Not only does chlorine have the power to turn hair into dried-out strands of straw, it can also discolor hair – as any blonde who has ever emerged from the pool with a head full of sickly green hair can tell you! Whether you’re putting in time relaxing poolside or hitting the pool for some laps, take these steps to protect your hair at the pool:

  • Always wet your hair with tap water before you get into a chlorinated pool. Hair is porous, so the cuticles will fill up with good fresh water instead of becoming waterlogged with harsh chlorinated water.
  • If you are swimming laps, consider investing in a swim cap. Before you put it on, apply a generous amount of serum to soaking wet hair. This will help save hair from the friction of pulling the cap off and on.
  • Never skip shampooing and conditioning after the pool. If you will be in the pool often, it’s wise to invest in a rich deep conditioner
  • Take it easy on the blowouts. Hair that has been exposed to chlorine is going to be fragile, so give it a break and let it air dry after you’ve been in the pool.

Protecting Hair At The Lake

The good news is that fresh water is much gentler on your hair than highly chlorinated pool or hot tub water. But a day playing under the sun can still wreak havoc on your hair, especially if you are boating or enjoying another activity that combines water, speed, and wind. The two major things you want to prevent are bleached-out color and major tangles, easily done with a few key preparations:

  • Protect your hair from whipping around freely in the wind, which can cause intense tangles and damage, by securing your hair in a braid or ponytail.
  • If you have beautiful dark hair or have invested a lot in your hair color, you’ll want to avoid sun bleaching as much as possible. While you’re sitting on the bank or in the boat, protect your hair from the sun with a sun hat or scarf. As an extra bonus, a wide brimmed hat will also protect your face from damaging UV rays.
  • If you welcome the lightening power of the sun and the natural highlights it brings, spray hair with tap water, which will enhance the sun’s power.

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