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Beach Babe Beauty


Even if you’ll be spending the summer in the city, you can still take some inspiration from breezy, beachy beauty. These are our favorite ways to bring a little bit of the seaside to your everyday routine:

Use Saltwater Products

Salt water makes hair stiffen as it dries, which is the reason that your hair gets those gorgeous natural waves after spending time in the ocean. Luckily, nearly anyone can fake these beachy waves by creating their own seawater spray using a few pinches of Epsom salt, water, and a spray bottle. To create waves that are even more luscious, try adding a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil to your concoction. Sea salt also does amazing things for your skin, which you can experience firsthand with our exfoliating and smoothing Salt Scrub Body Polish.

Wear Aqua Hues

Summer is a great time to incorporate the colors of water into your beauty routine. While shades of blue and green can be intimidating at first, it’s possible to find a hue that complements your skin tone. If you’re pale, jewel hues like emerald will look stunning, or use washed out blue pastels. For medium skin, try darker, purple-hued blues, and go wild with deep rich navy. If you have dark skin, go as vibrant as you want: blue-green aqua, bright teal, and vivid turquoise.

Get Out And Play!

Of course, the best part about being a beach babe is having fun in the sun and water. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to fake the carefree attitude – you need to go out and enjoy yourself! We’re lucky to live in Central Texas, where there are plenty of ways to relax outside: spending time at the lake, going for a swim at Deep Eddy, or heading down to Galveston to enjoy the Gulf Coast. Try and make some time for yourself this summer, and you’ll look and feel better!

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