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Staying Pressed and Professional This Summer


Finding a beauty routine that you confidently sport to the office is challenging enough. Looking put together and professional during hot weather is even trickier! If you’re worried about keeping your cool at work this summer, learn our favorite strategies for looking great in the heat.

Sweat Proof Your Makeup

Even if your office is air conditioned, going to and from work in the heat can spell instant disaster for your makeup. On superhot days, remember to prime your face with a setting spray and tinted eye primers to take down the risk of your makeup sweating off or smudging. Avoid thick lip-glosses, which will only add moisture to an already sticky situation. And if you have a job that involves walking or driving around in the heat, waterproof makeup is always a safe bet.

Sport A Summer-Friendly ‘Do

Messy, humidity-enhanced waves and volume can be beautiful for a night out or a daytime barbecue with friends. But sporting this sort of unkempt style isn’t always an option for the workplace. Putting your hair back away from your face often looks polished while keeping you cool. If you have long hair, try experimenting with a loose topknot, a sock bun, or a chic twist. For shorter styles, pinning tresses back from the face or using a beautiful clip or hairband can instantly transform your hair into a great hot-weather style.

Choose The Right Clothes

Finding the right clothes to wear into the office is always trickier in the summer. Especially if your workplace is enthusiastically air conditioned, you may find yourself sweating on the way to work, then freezing cold all day. The best way to plan for these changing temperatures is to layer smartly. For your base layer, choose something in a cool, breathable fabric like cotton or linen, then wear a warm cardigan or blazer over the top. Choose skirts and pants that are made of cotton or lightweight wools. This layering strategy will keep you looking polished and feeling cool at work.

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