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Lip Love


Our lips are just as susceptible to the elements as our skin and hair. Here are some easy ways to keep your lips lovely during the hot summer months.


You already know that you should be protecting your skin from the sun, but do you take the time to protect your lips as well? Not only will the sun age lips, but it can also increase the risk of lip cancer. While it’s okay to apply the same SPF skin lotion you use for your skin to your lips, sometimes the ingredients in skin sunblock can irritate lips. It’s often a smart idea to use a lip-specific product, and always choose SPF 30 or higher. And just like sunblock for your skin, make sure to reapply your lip product every 2 hours.

Change Up Your Lip Product

Though shiny, luscious lip glosses may look great at an outdoor party, wearing shiny products on your lips can increase sun damage. You’ll be much better protected from the sun if you use a matte lip product, preferably with extra protection like antioxidants or SPF. If you simply must have the shiny look, apply an opaque color first, then apply the shiny color on top. Remember to avoid products like baby oil and petroleum jelly, which make lips shiny and attract the sun.

Practice Good Habits

It’s almost second nature to lick your lips when they are feeling hot and dried out from the sun. But saliva can contribute to dried out lips, causing a vicious cycle that will continue until your lips regain moisture. Though it may be difficult, it’s always a better idea to let dry lips be until you can apply a moisturizing product, like a nourishing lip balm. Make sure to drink plenty of water to maintain hydration in your whole body, and remember a protective hat for long days in the sun.

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