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Back to School Beauty


Whether you’re shuffling your kids to a brand new school year or you’re back to campus yourself, going back to school is always a big transition for everyone. It’s likely that you’ve been facing some hectic mornings, so here are our favorite tips for getting yourself together in a hurry.

Focus On One Feature

Our favorite way to look fabulous in a flash? A bold lip. Even if the rest of your face is bare or you had to skip your daily blow dry, a beautiful bright color like red on the lips will make you look instantly pulled together and very chic. If red lips aren’t your thing, apply this same principle to the rest of your routine. Skip the lipstick, and just take the time to apply foundation and blush. Or focus on your eyes, opting for liner with a nude shadow and two coats of mascara.

Skip Showering

Try moving your daily shower to the night, and you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save in the morning. Don’t worry: it’s more than possible to start the day without a shower and still look and feel fresh. When showering at night, you can avoid bedhead by drying your hair completely, or secure it in a loose bun on the top of your head while it’s still damp to create beautiful loose waves. If you just can’t bring yourself to skip your morning cleanse, on days you’re running late consider swapping a shower for a bath and keep your hair out of the water. If your hair feels or looks greasy, apply dry shampoo or a use a big makeup brush to apply loose baby or face powder to your roots. You can also take advantage of your situation and give yourself a topknot; it’s much easier to put your hair up when it’s not squeaky-clean.

Make Your Products Play Double Duty

When you are short on time, using fewer products is an easy way to simplify your beauty routine. A matte lipstick can moonlight as a blush, and a sheer lip-gloss does a great job of creating a healthy glow when applied to the apples of your cheeks. Unscented deodorant is a great quick fix for the redness and bumps of razor burn, while Vaseline takes the multitasking crown: use it to smudge liner for a smoky eye, use it as a lip balm, or use it to remove makeup.