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Tough as Nails

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Playing hard can take a toll on your manicure. In addition to the added hazards of summer activities, chlorine and salt can actually weaken your nails. Read on for a few ways to protect your manicure this summer:

Give It A Grace Period 

Even though you may leave the salon with what seems like a perfectly solid manicure, nail polish actually doesn’t harden and dry for twelve full hours. That means it’s usually a better idea to schedule your service when you know you won’t have any exposure to hot weather or water for at least a day. That includes hot showers, saunas, and even blowing on your nails.

Think About Your Products

Major culprits of manicure deterioration are the products you use on your hands – including your shampoo! Some shampoos, especially shampoos that are formulated for oily hair, contain detergents that can wreak havoc on your nails. If you’ve been noticing soft, brittle nails, it might be worth your time to invest in a new product. Hand sanitizer and exfoliating scrubs can also eat away the topcoat of your manicure. Your nail polish will have a much better chance of surviving if you swap out harsh hand sanitizers for a gentle antibacterial soap – it will keep the skin on your hands more moisturized, as well.

Use Protection

You might think that a long day at the lake is the worst thing for your nails, but you’re actually more at risk for scuffing it up while you’re cleaning around the house. Household chores like cleaning the bathroom or doing dishes can cause significant polish chipping and cuticle chafing. Before you dive into your day of cleaning, consider putting rubber gloves on first. For an extra layer of protection, apply a petroleum jelly over your nail beds before you put them on.

Come in and see us for a a beautiful nail treatment that will last!