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What’s the Best Massage for You?


Have you been thinking about coming in for a massage, but you’re not sure which style is the right one for you? Here is a breakdown of all the different styles of massage that we offer, including their methodology, techniques, and specific benefits.


When most people imagine getting a massage, the service they have in mind is likely to resemble a Swedish massage. Swedish massages are full-body therapeutic services and are the most common massages offered.  A Swedish massage is performed by using long strokes that go in the direction of blood flowing to the heart. Other techniques include stretching the body, firmly kneading with the hands, and circular movements. The benefits of Swedish massage include increased blood oxygen levels and circulation, decreased toxins in the muscles, and added muscle flexibility.

 Deep Tissue

If you like the feeling of a strong massage, then deep tissue massage might be for you. Like the name suggests, deep tissue massage is like a Swedish massage but administered with deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage focuses on the tendons, deep layers of muscle tissue, and the fascia that supports the muscles. Because deep tissue massage can help relieve chronic tension in the muscles, this style of massage can be beneficial for people that are very physically active, have experienced an injury, or experience chronic muscle pain. This style has also been shown to reduce stress and heart rate while supporting relaxation.

Hot Stone

If you’re never tried this unique combination of heated stones and massage, you are missing out on a wonderful experience! During this massage, therapists place water-heated stones on the body, which relax muscles and expand blood vessels. This allow the therapists to massage the body on an even deeper level to create a very calming and healing procedure that has been shown to help alleviate the aches and pains of chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, increase joint flexibility, and reduce the pain caused by stiff muscles.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a Chinese alternative medicine that teaches that there are acupuncture points in the feet and hands that correspond to internal organs. By applying pressure to those points in the feet, reflexology teaches that fatigue can be alleviated, nerves are relaxed, and chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure are prevented. Foot reflexology is a great treatment for people that have ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis, or experience soreness or pain in their feet from daily life or athletic activity.

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