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Safe Summer Exfoliation Routine

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Exfoliation is a key component of a good skin care routine, but it’s important to cut back if you’ll be spending time in the sun. Exfoliation can actually increase your sensitivity to the sun by 45%.

There are two different kinds of exfoliation: manual exfoliation, and chemical exfoliation. Manual exfoliation occurs when you physically scrub the skin, like with a product that has microbeads or rough plant matter, or with a tool like a Clarisonic brush or washcloth. Chemical exfoliates are chemicals like retinoids, BHAs, or AHAs that encourage skin to shed faster. Skin products like toners, serums, and peels are often done to chemically exfoliate the skin.

Manual Exfoliation Summer Routine 

Manual exfoliation is known as being harsher than chemical exfoliation, so if this is your preferred method of exfoliation, it’s especially important to cut down during the summer. If you use a tool like a brush or a cloth to exfoliate, only use it 1-2 per week when you are spending a lot of time outside in the sun. The same goes for a manual exfoliating scrub with beads. In fact, even during the winter, you probably don’t need to exfoliate every day. You’d be fine limiting your exfoliation to 3 times per week.

Chemical Exfoliation Summer Routine

Even though chemical exfoliation is generally considered gentler than manual exfoliation, it is still important to cut back on the amount of chemical exfoliating you do during the summer.  If you regularly use retinol or another retinoid product, discontinue use for at least 5 days before a long period of sun exposure. An acid serum is a great chemical exfoliate for summer, because enhanced oil production makes skin thicker. However, refrain from using them every day, instead opting for 3 nights on, then three nights off. The 5-day rule applies for serums, too.

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