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Pampering For Moms-To-Be

pregnant woman having backache

Expecting a little bundle of joy, or know someone who is? There are plenty of ways that a day at the spa can provide some benefits for expecting mothers. We even offer a whole package specially designed for moms-to-be! Here are some of the services we often recommend to expecting mothers:

(Remember, if you are in a high-risk pregnancy, you should always consult your doctor before coming in for a treatment.)


There are so many benefits to prenatal massage: relief from the aches and pains caused by weight gain, prevention of depression symptoms, soothed nerves and an overall sense of calm, even better newborn health. Pregnancy causes reduced circulation, and when this is combined with the uterus pressing on major blood vessels, swelling can occur. Massage can reduce swelling by stimulating the soft tissues, which helps the body break down fluids in the joints. Stress hormones can also be reduced by regular massage, which can lead to fewer labor and newborn complications.


Pedicures are relaxing for everyone, and they can be even better when you’re expecting! Pregnancy often causes swollen, aching feet, so spending some time pampering them can be a nice break. Plus, massaging the feet and legs can give your circulation a boost while minimizing swelling. Another benefit to getting a pedicure while you’re pregnant, especially in the months leading up to your due date? It becomes much harder to reach your toes yourself! Our trained staff will give you a beautiful pedicure that will have your feet looking and feeling great.

The Spa At The Lake Great Expectations Package

This package is the ultimate way to treat yourself or the mom-to-be in your life. We’ll begin with a special Maternity massage that will relieve aches and pains, focusing on tired muscles and joints. Next, that beautiful pregnancy glow is enhanced with a European facial. The package ends with a soothing pedicure, designed to relieve aching feet.

It’s always the right time to treat yourself! Stop by for one of our Specials.