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Beauty Routine Travel Tips

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You’ve probably been looking forward to your summer getaway all year. With its rejuvenating and relaxing benefits, taking a vacation is practically one of the most essential beauty necessities. But traveling does come with a particular set of challenges. Use these helpful travel tips to look your best while you’re away from home.

Stay Hydrated 

It would be impossible to overemphasize the importance of staying hydrated, and not just for the sake of your looks. Drinking enough water will help you fight jetlag and will help you to adjust to a new climate and routine, especially if you are traveling to a hot or humid area. Snack on hydrating foods, like watermelon and cucumber, and up your water intake to 3-4 liters per day. If you’re flying, try traveling without wearing any makeup, which is always bound to run and smear during flight, and apply a hydrating facial spray or a rich moisturizer while you’re in the air. Using eye creams and wax-based lip balm will also help you feel beautiful and refreshed when you land.

Lighten Up

The point of vacation is to take a break from the routines and responsibilities of life. Let that apply to your makeup routine as well. Swap heavy foundations for light tinted moisturizers with SPF, and choose products that can do double duty, like a lip/cheek stain. Give your sensitive eye skin a break, and give up eye shadow and eyeliner. While it might be difficult at first to change up your habits, taking a break from your regular makeup routine can help you get a fresh perspective. You may even find that you like your natural look so much that you bring it home with you from vacation!

Hands Off 

It’s always a good idea to avoid touching your face, as it is an easy way to transmit dirt and other undesirable things to your skin. But it is especially important to keep your hands off your face while you’re traveling. The combination of unfamiliar bacteria and the increased possibility of missed cleansings can result in some major breakouts. It’s a hard habit to break, so decrease the likelihood of transferring bacteria to your face by using an antibacterial hand gel.

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